I’m going to see my primary care doctor tomorrow to see if she can help me get my life back.  I’m still sleeping in the recliner, my head still feels like it’s filled with a wad of burning cotton, and I’m still feeling dizzy whenever I turn my head or even move my eyes too quickly.  I saw my chiropractor today, but since I couldn’t do the usual back treatment procedure because it involves lying down, she instead tried to use her chiropractic skills to drain the congestion in my sinuses and relieve the pressure in my head.  I will say that having the “staple gun” apparatus that’s usually used on my spine and the back of my neck applied TO MY FACE instead was definitely one of the weirder experiences I’ve had in a long time.

And now I read an article that says that a lot of the YouTube demonstrations of how to do the Epley Maneuver are incorrect???  Oh, Lord.  Let me go do some more research …

ETA (7/26):  Well, the good news is that I’ve been doing the Epley Maneuver correctly.  The bad news is that it doesn’t always work, and that side effects can include a sore neck or even a stroke.  Which is why I tried one of the alternate maneuvers instead of the Epley (the Brandt-Daroff exercise) before I went to bed last night (read the comments in this article for info and opinions about the different maneuvers).  And even that made me so woozy that I had to clock out and go to sleep in the recliner several hours earlier than expected.  Having coffee and a Clif bar now, will take two more sinus headache pills and then go see my doctor.  Whenever I get back, I need to catch up with some chores and deadlines I’ve been missing while the world has been spinning around me.