My all-day meeting might have been productive, or it might not have.  I can say that we FELT productive during the meeting, but I won’t actually know whether or not the results of our discussion will have any impact on our library system until months or years from now.  It’s all very well and good to let our imaginations run wild and come up with visions for the future of children’s and young adult programming, but unless money is allocated to make those things happen, all the dreaming in the world ain’t gonna do a damn bit of good.

We had our author visit.  It was sparsely attended because a) it wasn’t a big-name person and b) it wasn’t publicized early enough.  I did have several kids come, and while I was happy that they were enthusiastic readers, they were so enthusiastic that they kept interrupting the author to ask if his books were like other popular books.  They mentioned both The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades of Grey, and NO I’m not kidding.  The highlight was when one of the girls was talking about The Hunger Games and Suzanne Collins, and she suddenly whirled around to face me and asked, “Hey, can you get HER to come here?”

When enough time passes I know that I’ll find that exchange to be hilarious, but at that moment I was just frozen by sheer embarassment.  I felt SO bad for this poor guy!

I went out to lunch with two librarians at a local deli during my lunch hour, and the overwhelming lack of ambiance makes me think I should bring visitors to our local diner instead from now on.  It was nice to talk about library stuff with people who had an outside perspective, though.  And it’s always fun to bring librarians to my branch and have them look around the building and play “Find the Blind Spots.”  *SIGH*  I really wish that people who design libraries would actually consult librarians once in a while.

The rest of the week should be pretty normal.  I need to catch up with some behind-the-scenes stuff, including wrestling our classics overflow collection into submission (the beginning and end of summer reading list season are always times of great ebb and flow with the classics collection).  I also need to fix up my too-long-neglected YA collection, because it really needs some TLC.

Saturday is my free day, and since my boyfriend is also going to be available, we might look into some Saturday-specific entertainment.  Like, we could go back to Smorgasburg, perhaps???

And finally, unrelated to any of those things, are you guys psyched to see the remake of Total Recall?  In preparation for seeing it, I read the original Philip K. Dick short story “We Can Remember it For You Wholesale” and rewatched the 1990 movie version.  Which, I think, has held up quite well.  I mean, yes, some of the effects were definitely dated, but a lot of them were just as cool as when I first saw them in the movie theater several decades ago.  I always like movies that make you think, although the original story makes you think in different ways.  In any case, I’m curious to see what new directions the remake will take.