Tomorrow I’m going to an all-day meeting at our central library, and the meeting promises to be pretty intense.  I can definitely say it’s the first time I’ve had to do homework for a meeting in a long while, and it’s definitely the ONLY time I’ve been invited to a meeting with a “working lunch.”  So on the plus side, I get to spend an entire day using the (often dormant) librarian part of my brain and they WILL be feeding us.  On the minus side, I can’t leave the building during my lunch hour and spend it doing what *I* want to do, like shopping, decompressing, or just turning off my brain for a while.

Today I received not one but TWO offers to go out to lunch, but my work schedule is kind of screwy right now so I pushed one of them into the following week (Stephanie is only in town for a little while, but Judy has a few weeks off).  So that will be two less days of enjoying leftovers!

This week in addition to my usual teen programs — my XBox Kinect gaming program and my summer reading club meeting — I also have an author visit.  I’m a little panic-stricken because the official publicity never arrived, so I threw together some fliers at the last minute.  I’m thinking good thoughts that I will be able to convince kids to show up for this, otherwise it’s just going to be the two of us sitting in my program room talking about how probably no kids showed up because it’s such a sunny/rainy/lovely day outside.  *SIGH*