Today I’m off for the holiday, and tomorrow is my free day, so I have a bunch of stuff I need to catch up on.

First and foremost (although I keep putting it off by doing things like writing this post), I need to finish writing and then record a podcast episode.  My official release date is Wednesdays, which means that USUALLY I post each episode on Tuesday nights.  But the last few days I’ve been swamped by other things, so I have to finish it today … at some point …

I’m still reading The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies, which has been very entertaining and informative so far.  Then I also need to read Insurgent by Veronica Roth, which is the sequel to her excellent YA dystopian novel Divergent.  This has been sitting in the pile of books on my desk for a while now, but there are too many people on the holds list for this title (this is a library copy, as opposed to the CFN book which I bought) so I need to read it and return it ASAP.

I’ve been catching up with some literary- and library-themed Mental Floss articles that my boyfriend sent me.  The title of this link, At the Libraries: Is MLIS the Worst Master’s Degree? is a little misleading, because is a question that’s already been answered by Forbes Magazine.  And they say yes, it IS the worst master’s degree.  *SIGH*  But even if you don’t want to explore that depressing news, click on that link anyway, because that post links to a bunch of other book-themed sites, including some cool stuff about hilariously bad book covers and the best literary quotes from The Simpsons.  My boyfriend also sent me an article called Why Libraries Matter: Letters to the Children of Troy, Michgan (From 1971).  That’s really worth reading, especially if you need a morale boost after learning about how your master’s degree has plummeted in value.

In addition to the fantasy, science fiction, and horror movies I’ve been adding to my Netflix queue lately, I just added some more comedy specials and comedy-themed documentaries to my list.  There is no frigging way I’m going to get through everything, but it’ll be fun trying, I suppose …

Also, in honor of July 4th, HBO is running THE ENTIRE JOHN ADAMS MINISERIES today.  So any time I start to get motivated to do something productive (like get to work on that podcast, for example), I look up from my computer screen and get enthralled by that saga all over again.

Okay, that’s all for now, Dear Readers.  Enjoy the holiday, and try to stay cool!