I was busy doing a bunch of atypical stuff at work today — wrestling with the daily and weekly schedules, approving timesheets (oh, the agony!), and discussing gaps in our collection with people who can get us stuff.  I also worked on an assignment in preparation for an all-day meeting I’ll be attending later this month.

Plus, I went to the chiropractor this morning, and she adjusted me in a different way than usual.  Afterwards I stood at the bus stop, swaying like a stalk of grass in the breeze.  Or like a drunken sailor.  Take your pick.  In any case, it was a very strange experience.  Hopefully, it will help me stand a little straighter in the long run.

This afternoon when I visited my WordPress dashboard, I tackled a new influx of spam.  Most of it was of the generic “Hey, I really like your blog!” or “You could get more web traffic if you did THIS!” variety.  Some of it was both encouraging and surreal, like something hiccuped out of a Babel Fish:  “My partner and i learn all relating to the dynamic manner you offer helpful thoughts through your website and therefore attract contribution from other ones on this issue then my daughter is without a doubt understanding a lot of things.”  But one of today’s spam messages was even more directly designed to encourage needy bloggers to click the approve button: “You are a very smart person!”

Okay, while I need validation, I don’t need it that badly!

I have a few more things I wanted to write about that are bubbling on the back burner of my mind.  One is about job satisfaction or lack thereof, in connection with creative vs. mundane tasks (you will register no surprise when I tell you that I thought of this idea while I was working on those godforsaken timesheets).  One is about possible trouble brewing at work, which might die down or might erupt into something worse (I’m not directly involved in this, but I do have a strong opinion about who’s right and who’s wrong here).  And one is about a couple of movies I watched on Netflix the other day.

Yeah, maybe it’s better to stick with the Netflix stuff for now.  The other topics will take some more careful thinking before I explore them further.