This morning I stopped by the i09 website to see what new weirdness I could find there.  Today I found old weirdness instead, in the form of … *shudder * … Struwwelpeter.

I took one look at the title of this article, and thought, I wonder if that’s the book that Ami used to read to me when I was a kid?  And oh, dear, yes it was.  She had a copy of it in a foreign language (Latvian?  Russian?  German?) so she used to show me that book and tell me what was going on.  Since the words were meaningless to me, I had no choice but to just stare and stare at those traumatizing pictures.

Well, you can’t say that the morals in these stories weren’t clear.  I would come away from this book thinking OKAY, I’ll cut my nails!  OKAY, I won’t play with matches! OKAY, I’ll eat my soup!  OKAY, I’ll look where I’m going!

What, you want to read this book for yourself?  Well, all right, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!