So far, I’ve been surprisingly productive:

  • I visited my mother, and dropped off food / books / DVDs
  • I shopped at C-Town, Rite Aid, and our local farmer’s market
  • I MADE DINNER!  Specifically, I made Pasta With Sausage and Peppers from the Silver Palate Cookbook.  This was actually the first meal that I ever made for my boyfriend, so every time I make it, it’s both delicious and … you know.  Emotionally meaningful and stuff.

Throughout the day I’ve been catching up with my podcasts.  Right now I’m listening to an episode of the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin show in which he’s talking with several people who worked at The Star Trek Experience (which we visited several years ago when we went to Las Vegas).  I’m learning a lot from this episode, including the fact that celebrities used to visit the exhibit, that people GOT MARRIED on the bridge (three or four times A DAY???), and that a former employee has put up lots of videos with plenty of behind-the-scenes stuff about the Star Trek Experience!

Meanwhile, my boyfriend just turned on Lake Placid 3 on the SyFy channel, which is AWESOMELY ridiculous.   Apparently this is going to be followed by something called Super Shark, just in case we didn’t get to see enough doofy monsters attacking people.

Okay, hang on.  We’re one minute into Super Shark now, and I have a question: don’t sharks have to stay in the water?  I mean, how long can they remain on land … uhm … doing belly flops on the sand and trying to kill people?  Hmmmm … we might have to watch this movie to find out …

Woah.  I just looked at the full cast list on IMDBSuper Shark features an appearance by Jimmie (J.J.) Walker as … wait for it … a character named “Dynamite Stevens.”  Hoo-Boy!!!

Anyway, I have two days left of this long weekend, and way too many things to try to do.  Included on my list:  Read a draft of a novel that a friend sent me several weeks ago (but I was too swamped with work stuff to read it), watch several DVDs I checked out from the library, read a YA book (work committee-related assignment), read several books I checked out from the library, and write a blog post that’s been formulating in my head about sexy books (that one is going to be a doozy!)  PLUS, I’d like to take some time to enjoy my birthday presents, which means watching several DVD sets of Perry Mason (and swooning over Paul Drake), and getting my fancy new iPad 3 out of the box and SETTING THE DAMN THING UP, ALREADY!!!

So let’s see how any of those things I actually get done …

ETA: Apparently the movie Super Shark is so stupid that my TV doesn’t know how to caption it!