After a quick trip to my mother’s place, in which I also got to experience the great outdoors because I spent a lot of time waiting for buses, my boyfriend and I headed to midtown to check out the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival.

We started at the southern end, right near my new favorite Philly cheese steak provider Shorty’s, and spent the next hour walking north.  We ate, and shopped, and ate, and shopped, and ate some more.  The best part about these outdoor festivals is that most of the food is served in reasonable portions, and in servings that are easy to carry.  We enjoyed chicken meatballs, grilled corn on the cob with jalapeno butter, empanadas, and a beef-and-pork  “banh mi” hot dog.  No, really!  It was also very sunny and warm, and my boyfriend and I shared a root beer and a berry lemonade, PLUS I drank a whole bottle of Vitamin Water.  Anyway, we enjoyed a lot of great food, and then we walked up to Columbus Circle to take the subway back home.

Then we went to the Drums Along the Hudson festival in Inwood Hill Park. We didn’t spend too much time there — we got to the festival towards the end of one of the musical numbers, so we spent most of our time wandering around the stands looking at the food and trinkets.  Then we went back home, where I had a shower and a nap.