Today was spent at work, where a ridiculous percentage of my time was spent dealing with rowdy children. First there were the two boys who started yelling at each other in the men’s restroom.  And you know, the acoustics in there are still great even if the door is open!  When one of the boys swore while he was yelling, the word “F—ING” echoed off of those bathroom walls with crystal clarity.  Then the highlight was when the boy’s father (grandfather?) came over to yell at them about their behavior and their language … and his conversation was along the lines of YOU SAID F—ING!  YOU CAN’T TALK THAT WAY IN THE LIBRARY!  EVERYBODY HEARD YOU SAY IT!  F—ING IS A BAD WORD!  YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY F—ING!

Later I spent time in the Children’s Room, where I had to tell a group of boys that they had to stop running, jumping, and PUNCHING EACH OTHER.  At which point, a man who was sitting nearby (and who hadn’t said a damn thing up until this point) looked over at them and told them that they had to settle down.  About ten minutes later, when it became clear that running, jumping, and punching each other was much more fun than behaving like civilized human beings, I addressed the man directly and told him that the kids couldn’t stay.  He seemed irritated that I was cutting into his rest-and-relaxation time, but he did take the boys and leave.

Then the last half hour of the day was spent trying to clean up the Children’s Room, which looked like it had been hit by a paper- and garbage-filled tornado.

Tomorrow I’m going to see my mother in the morning, and then my boyfriend and I will spend the afternoon at the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival … or maybe the Drums Along the Hudson festival.  Or maybe both?

ETA (5/20): We made it to both events, and I am officially exhausted.  Pictures will be shared here and on Flickr shortly.  And by “shortly” I mean “after I rest for a while.”