First, I’ve got my chiropractor’s appointment, in which there will be buzzing, and cracking, and a discussion of how much my spine is still out of alignment.  Last week she said that I used to be about half an inch off, and that now I’m about a quarter of an inch off.  She also said, “You know, you walk straight when you leave here” which I chose to interpret as an implied criticism that she thinks that as soon as I leave her office I spend the rest of the day jumping around on trampolines.

After the chiropractor’s appointment, I’m heading off to present my newly-written booktalk of Anya’s Ghost to a DOE meeting of (I think) school librarians and administrators at our central (and very fancy) library.  On the panic-inducing checklist, we have the fact that I just wrote this booktalk last week (so my brain is still making last-minute changes while I’m trying to memorize it), I’ve never presented this booktalk to ANY audience before, my presentation will be to a group of adults (which is WAY more challenging than booktalking to teens), and they changed our presentation time from the morning to the afternoon (which means I’ll have to break my usual “no eating before booktalking” rule or else risk keeling over during my presentation).

I’m still figuring out what I’m going to wear that will be loose and comfortable enough for the chiropractor’s visit, presentable enough for my booktalking presentation at that DOE meeting, and appropriate for both warm and rainy weather.  Oh, and it has to be an outfit that goes with sneakers.  Which, in turn, have to be presentable enough for me to wear at that fancy library without being tossed out of the building for looking like a slob.  Urgh.

I also need to figure out what I’m going to eat this morning that will prevent my stomach from growling during my presentation, that will fuel my brain enough that I won’t faint during my presentation, AND won’t upset my stomach.

Yeah, this bodes well.

Anyway, after my part of the presentation is over I need to wait for a good point to make a graceful exit from the meeting, which is always awkward.  Then I’m taking the rest of the day off, because that felt like a more rational decision than using an hour of lunch time and an hour of travel time, and getting back to the branch at a ridiculously late hour.

Good, calming thoughts are always appreciated …