So after a rather frustrating visit to the chiropractor’s — my back and shoulders were all tensed up, go figure — I headed downtown for the booktalking presentation.  I was one of three presenters, and we all got to the venue about fifteen minutes early.  Added to the chaos of the planning of this event (first we were told 11am, then we were told 1pm, then we weren’t told how many booktalks we were each expected to present), there was no one to introduce us at 1:00.  So one of our higher-ups who presumably had just come to sit in the audience ended up introducing us.

All of the booktalks went well.  I presented one, my colleague who had asked me how many we were supposed to prepare did one, and my other colleague presented three.  Like I said, some prior coordination would have helped us all get on the same page.  Anyway, we had extra time left when we were done with the booktalks, so we turned the rest of the time into a Q&A session with the audience.  That also turned out surprisingly well, because the school librarians in the audience had lots of questions about the books we presented and about booktalking in general.  So we shared some booktalking ideas with the audience, and then after we were done several of them came up to us and asked us for more booktalking tips and reading suggestions (nonfiction books, especially memoirs, were a big topic with this group).

So then we were all done.  Which meant it was time for me to purchase and consume large quantities of food.

I went to a place that I’d been dying to try — Shorty’s Authentic Philly Steaks and Sandwiches.  It’s on 9th Avenue just south of 42nd Street.  If I was there on a regular day I might have just tried one of their lunch specials (i.e. a beer and a cheesesteak), but this wasn’t a regular day at all.  This was a booktalking day, which means that after living on the barest sustenance of a tiny granola bar for half the day, my desire for food was not unlike that of a stoner in a Twinkie factory.   Which means that I went to Shorty’s and bought …

  • A traditional cheesesteak with (God help me) Cheez Whiz and onions
  • A chicken cheesesteak with provolone and mushrooms
  • A “roast pork special” sandwich (roast pork, broccoli rabe, provolone, and au jus)
  • Italian fries
  • Yuengling rings

Now, before you try to make a citizen’s arrest on behalf of the obesity police, I should add that some of this was for lunch, some of this was for dinner, some of this was for my boyfriend, and … uhm … some of this was for my cat?  Yeah, still, it WAS way too much food.  I came home, scarfed down the chicken sandwich with some fries and some rings, and then took a nap shortly afterwards.  Now I’m up again, but even though I ate that sandwich hours ago I couldn’t even THINK about having anything else for dinner.  So I’ll have to hold off on the Cheez Whiz experience until later in the week.

Okay, now it’s time for coffee and American Idol.  Tomorrow it’s back to my normal work schedule, back to my patrons, and back to the public service desk.  Hmmm.  Is this what Clark Kent felt like when he put his glasses back on?