Our weekly date night was supposed to be cancelled, but then it was reinstated at the last minute because my boyfriend’s plans cancelled.  We had as much food and as much wine as we normally do for our regular night out, but because the food was served later than usual, more of the wine went directly into my system and into my brain.  So now I’m more likely to make irrational decisions, like thinking that it’s a good idea to eat an entire package of cookies for dessert.

The guy sitting next to us in the restaurant was either an ACT-OR!!! or just a really pretentious person.  It was hard to concentrate on my conversation with my boyfriend while I kept hearing that guy saying things like, “I WOULD LIKE ANOTHER COLD GLASS OF THIS DELICIOUS CHARDONNAY” like he was John frigging Barrymore.

Last night I recorded a silly conversation about a very silly movie, and hilarity ensued.

I spent part of the day reading Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, which is the sequel to Delirium, which is just one of the dystopian books that you can recommend to kids who enjoyed The Hunger Games (and who were especially fond of the romantic aspects of that book).  It started off slowly, but now I’m so into the story that I had to bring it home so I could finish it.

I’m watching American Idol now.  I’d like the unimaginitively-named Philip Phillips to win.  Okay, I’ll shut up about it now.  Well, except for saying, “OMG, What the hell is Steven Tyler wearing???”

Sherlock is coming back to PBS on May 6th!  EEEEEEEK!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a rough day in terms of staffing (or lack thereof).  And my chiropractor’s visit ain’t helping the situation much.  Hoo-Boy.

Dammit, I want cookies.  Why can’t I have a whole package, again?