So, you remember that I was in a food market mood, right?  Well, this morning we drove downtown to go to the New Amsterdam Market, which is held on Sundays from 11am – 4pm during the more temperate part of the year (i.e. – starting right now).  We’ve been there a few times before, and like the previous times we had sandwiches from Porchetta and I had a lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster.  We also bought bread, and jam, and cider, and candy for us, and I got some lovely herring for my mother.  At least I assume it’s lovely.  I don’t touch the stuff myself, but my mother loves it to pieces, so it’s going to be added to her Mother’s Day gift bag this year.

After we finished our shopping and eating expedition, we wandered over to find the parking lot where my boyfriend had parked the car.  Oh, and on a side note: he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS finds street parking.  Except for today, when so many spaces were either closed because of construction or were marked for police vehicles only.  So anyway, on our way to the parking lot, we saw several unusual things.

We were standing on the corner waiting for the light to change when I heard a bird chirping.  I was having trouble placing where the sound was coming from … until I realized that it was coming from the streetlight hanging over the intersection!  I showed my boyfriend that there was a sparrow sitting in the space in front of the yellow light, and then he pointed out that there must be a nest INSIDE the streetlight (we could see twigs and other vegetation sticking out from the bottom of the light).  If I’d had my big camera with me I would have documented it, but my iPod Touch wasn’t going to take a clear enough picture unless I got a lot closer and thus risked getting run over.  But anyway, next time you’re by the intersection of (I think) St. James Place and Madison Street, look up at the streetlight and see if you can see the nest. Oh, and while I assumed this was a really unusual thing, apparently there are sparrows that make a habit of nesting inside traffic lights in New York.

Then we kept walking north, and my boyfriend said, “Is that a cemetery?”  I turned and looked, and then we found the sign identifying it as one of those old and tiny Manhattan cemeteries, the First Cemetery of the Spanish and Portugese Synagogue.  I’d heard about this place for years, but never actually laid eyes on it until today.  Neat!!!

Okay, now here’s that “to-do” list of things I want to get done this afternoon and tomorrow.  Oh, and tomorrow is on this list because my library is going to be closed AGAIN because of that godforsaken water main.  Will we actually be opening on Tuesday?  Place your bets now!

  • Write some reviews (of one movie, two books, and one Broadway show).  I’ll be writing most of those reviews for this blog, but I might write one of the book reviews for my library’s website so as to keep up with my monthly quota of posts.
  • Do laundry.
  • Go to the chiropractor.
  • Upload pictures from the brunch cruise and the New Amsterdam market to Flickr.