Due to construction issues in my library’s neighborhood — water main shut down, valve needing to be replaced — our building is closed for several days.  So we all had the option of using comp time or annual leave if we had it to spare, or else being temporarily reassigned at another branch.  Since I had a bunch of comp time that I could never find the time to spend, this is a good opportunity to use it up.

So today I caught up on my laundry, listened to some podcasts, and watched some stuff on DVD and Netflix.  Tomorrow morning I have my chiropractor visit and then … well, maybe I’ll go out to the movies!  Actually, The Raven is opening tomorrow, and that seems like a good candidate.  It looks like it could be good or it could be doofy, but either way it could pay off for me.  And besides, I like Edgar Alan Poe AND I like John Cusack, so this could be promising.

Or, you know, this could suck.

Either way, I’ll report back and let you know what happens.