The food was lovely, my seasickness was minimal, and the storm held off long enough that I was able to get some great (if gray and misty) photographs.  And now here’s the rest of the story …

So the question of what to get someone I’ve been dating for well over a decade is a difficult one.  Shopping for presents can be challenging, but since some of the things my boyfriend and I both love are food and New York City, I decided to book a bus tour with Scott’s Pizza Tours.  After I got those tickets, I got the “you might also be interested in these tours from our other sellers” message, and that’s how I found out about the Around Manhattan Brunch Cruise that we went on today.

We got to Chelsea Piers early and wandered around the park and pier area for a while.  Then we boarded the Manhattan, the 1920’s style yacht that made me feel like I’d been transported into The Cat’s Meow.  The captain and crew explained the basics — we were going to have a four-course brunch while the boat travelled clockwise around Manhattan.  I spent part of the time inside, eating and hanging out, and part of the time out on the deck, taking pictures and trying not to get wet as the rain started picking up.  The food selections were very nice — a good mix of carbs (bagels/waffles/muffins/croissants), fruits and vegetables, meat (turkey sausages & glazed spiral-sliced ham), seafood (smoked salmon) and desserts, with coffee and brunch drinks (we had mimosas) to wash it all down.

We spent a little time talking to some of the other people who shared our table — one couple was from Australia and one couple was from the Ozarks in Missouri.  The Missouri woman, when she learned that we were from New York, started asking us some New York-centric questions, which were a little weird.  On the one hand, she said that she missed the “old and dirty” New York from the last time she visited, and she wondered where all the homeless people were.  On the other hand, she asked a question about the Bronx that made my fingers start twitching because I wanted to throw her overboard.  I forgot the exact phrasing of her question (I knew I should have written it down!), but it was something along the lines of, “So, what happened to the Bronx?  Is it under control now?”  After I bit my tongue so that I wouldn’t utter a blasphemous response, I elbowed my boyfriend (who was sitting next to me but hadn’t heard the question) so that we could both chime in.  Anyway, we talked to her about the Bronx as diplomatically as possible, and I stopped myself from going off into a tangent about how Robert Moses and his highway planning ruined a lot of neighborhoods (and how if all you see of the Bronx is the view from the Cross Bronx Expressway, well …)  Oh, and when I asked what else they were planning to do in New York, she said that the real reason they came here was to go to the opera.  Go figure.

Oh, and it took me a little while to get my sea legs (river legs?) but I did get the hang of walking around on the boat after a little while.  Of course, I was wearing sneakers and walking around the boat VERY slowly and carefully while holding on to the railings for dear life.  Meanwhile, I saw a fellow passenger descending the stairs from the bar to the lower deck … while wearing flip-flops with one-inch heels … and not using the railings at all … because she was carrying a mimosa in each hand.   Clearly, then, some of us are naturally blessed with a great sense of balance while others of us are great big wusses.

So to sum up, we had great food, so-so conversation, and some excellent views of New York City: