I had a long day at work, but it’s finally done.  We had a skeleton crew today, and I’m very glad that this day and this week is over.

My boyfriend drove me to my mother’s place after work, so I got that out of the way, at least.  He waited outside in the car while I did the usual stuff — dropped off and picked up library books and DVDs, and put the food I brought in the fridge and the freezer.  I was only there for about fifteen minutes, but by the time I left my morale had taken a palpable hit.  She was in a bad mood, and it rubbed off on me.  At one point I realized that I was losing an argument that a) was pointless and b) I didn’t even realize we were having until it was too late, and that’s when I decided that it was time to change the subject sooner rather than later.

Then I came home and did some internet browsing to cheer myself up.  An adorable seal on Cute Overload?  Check!  A Hilarious video on i09?  Check!  My latest visit to the Lance Lawson comics series, courtesy of James Lileks?  Check!  An article about how a story by Daniel Pinkwater was adapted into an incomprehensible test question about a talking pineapple?  Check!

Tomorrow we have a super-duper special plan.  Back in January, I decided that I was going to be a good and responsible present-purchaser this year, and I did a whole bunch of online shopping in advance for Valentine’s Day in February, my boyfriend’s birthday in March, and our anniversary in April.  So tomorrow, as one of our anniversary presents, we will be going on a lovely brunch cruise … on what is expected to be one of the crappiest weather days ever.  Well, this is supposed to be a “rain or shine” event, so we’re definitely still going, but we might not be able to enjoy the ambiance of the outer deck.  I guess I won’t bother bringing my big camera, but I’ll have my iPod Touch with me in case I see anything scenic that I need to photograph (like if the stir-crazy passengers start throwing waffles and turkey sausages at each other).

Okay, now it’s time for coffee and perhaps a cookie or two.  I’m trying to cut back on desserts, especially in the evenings when I’m less likely to burn off the calories (because losing weight might help with the back pain problems), but dammit I’ve had a long day and a long week.  I think I need a cookie.  Or two.

ETA: Hmmmm.  The rain isn’t supposed to kick in until noonish, so I’ll probably bring my camera after all.

ALSO ETA: FWIW, I did have the self-control to go to bed without eating any cookies last night.  But all self-control bets are off the table for the brunch cruise.