I’m still seeing the chiroractor three times a week, and that will probably continue for the next few weeks at least.  Which means I’m going to need a new referral from my primary care guy, since the first one just covered ten visits.

I’m getting better, but by such tiny degrees that it’s getting really frustrating.  I imagine that trying to shift the bones in my back is not unlike shifting the tectonic plates of the earth.

On the other hand, as my boyfriend pointed out over dinner last night, I’ve already made a LOT of progress since Easter weekend (when I cancelled all my plans and never left the apartment).

Oh, and here’s the insight: When I was describing the symptoms of scoliosis to my mother, she said that she suffers from the same things that I do.  Well, she gets the “one of your shoulders is higher than the other” and I get the “one of your hips is higher than the other.”  My chiropractor says that there is a genetic factor to scoliosis, and that it’s entirely possible that we’ve both had this condition for most or all of our lives.

BTW, I do have some other blog posts in the mental pipeline, and I’ll get working on those shortly.  I promise that this is not going to turn into the “Oh, my aching back!” blog.  It’s just that that topic elbowed all of my other topics out of the way for a little while.