Okay, she was fictional, but I reread this book so many times that I felt like I knew her better than a lot of girls I knew in real life.

Okay, so how weird is it that I just remembered today that one of my favorite books happened to be about a girl who had this condition?  I remember that there was a scene with a boy who was trying to make out with her, but she was wearing that back brace and all.  Hmmm.  Come to think of it, maybe I didn’t read the whole book a dozen times, just that one scene.  Anyway, Deenie has been reimagined on quite a few covers since the early days.  Nowadays she usually looks more like this:

Which is all very well and good, but I still liked the old cover that gave you more of an idea of what the book was really about.

Anyway, scoliosis has been a major topic that I’ve been researching over the last few days, and I’m thinking that my chiropractor’s guess was right.  Let’s just say that I found a website that listed five major symptoms, and I believe that four of those symptoms apply to me (FWIW, I don’t think that my head is off center, but I’m willing to hear arguments to the contrary).  Scoliosis has also been a big topic of conversation, and I’m still wondering if and how I should bring the topic up to my mother.  Without sounding insanely accusatory, I mean.  Well, I’m going to have to tell her SOMETHING — after all, I cancelled my last weekly visit and I told her it was because I threw my back out again.

Okay, Dear Readers.  Here are the questions I’m thinking about asking my mother this weekend, which I might or might not dare to ask out loud:

  • Why didn’t you ever bring me to a chiropractor?
  • Was I ever tested for scoliosis?
  • Did you know I had it and just never told me?
  • Why, every time that I told you that I threw my back out, did you say that I might need to get a back brace?
  • Did you give me the book Deenie to read because you were trying to tell me something?
  • Were you trying to give me a normal life?

I figure I’ll probably bite my tongue like I usually do with my problems.  Honestly, she has too many of her own health issues to worry about, and she tends to get overly concerned whenever the topic of my health comes up.  But if she asks me a direct question, I might have to answer.  This has the potential to be a very weird conversation.

Anyway, round two of the spine-cracking is tomorrow morning.  Then rounds three, four, and five are next week.  Urgh.


Oh, my goodness gracious.  It is to laugh.  Guess what?  Just as I was putting the finishing touches on this post, MY MOTHER CALLED AND ASKED ME FOR THE NEWS ABOUT HOW MY BACK WAS DOING.

So … that was weird.

Anyway, here are the results of our conversation (which, BTW, was easier to have over the phone than in person):

  • She never knew that I had back problems until recently.
  • She never thought that I had scoliosis.  In fact, my brother had been diagnosed with it when he was a kid (???), but they brought him around to different doctors to get different opinions, and they established that he didn’t have it.
  • It never occurred to her that I should go to a chiropractor because she didn’t know that I was “misaligned.”
  • And on a related note, when I told her the story about how the swimming teacher told my father and me that my body measurements were off (one of my hips was higher than the other), she says that he never told her about that conversation.  Given the enormous list of ways in which my father was an underhanded, scum-sucking … okay … I’m just going to say that I guess this news doesn’t surprise me.
  • SHE NEVER NOTICED THE WAY I WALK.  Okay, clearly my mother is either blind or hallucinating.  I will now combine three major pieces of evidence to support my theory.  When I was in grammar school, I was REPEATEDLY ridiculed for the way I walk by several moronic members of the student body.  When I was in high school (where I was part of a more nurturing environment), a girl in my class demonstrated the vocabulary word “saunter” by imitating the way *I* walked.  And I was once recognized by an acquaintance FROM ACROSS THE STREET who was too far away to see my face but who recognized me from my distinctive gait.

Well, I guess this has been an unexpectedly productive evening, after all.