I went into work for half an hour this morning to help do the opening procedures. Well, the lightweight ones, anyway.

Luckily my primary care doctor can see me this afternoon (so I won’t have to spend hours twiddling my thumbs in the ER) and also luckily my boyfriend has this week off so he can drive me back and forth to my appointments. Wait … “appointments,” plural? Maybe, maybe. I guess I’ll find out this afternoon when I get the diagnosis and learn just how badly I’ve damaged my back.

Right now I’m lying in bed with my beloved heating pad, listening to podcasts while I write this blog post on my WordPress app. Later, I’ll get up and use the heated back massager that my boyfriend’s parents sent over. Then when I get dressed to go to the doctor’s office, I’ll reattach my TENS belt, which is advertised as being “discreet” but the wires hanging off of it make me look like a cyborg from the 1970’s.

Anyway, I’ll let you know the diagnosis when I have it, Dear Readers. Good thoughts are always appreciated!

ETA (several hours later):

Well, I’m back from the doctor’s office now.  He believes that I tore SOMETHING, but the only way to absolutely confirm that would be for him to order a scan, and he doesn’t want to do that yet.  He did a couple of tests of my reflexes, etc. and I did okay for just about all of them … until he had me go from a sitting position straight back into a lying-down position.  That’s when the pain was so great that I gasped in pain and suddenly there were tears streaming down my face.

He handed me a tissue and gave me a minute to compose myself.  It was a very weird and awkward moment.

He talked to me for a little while about finding a balance between taking it easy and staying flexible.  He said that I needed to spend several weeks going to follow-up visits with a specialist who could help me with my back.  He said that he could refer me to a chiropractor, a physical therapist, or an acupuncturist.  I said that I would prefer a chiropractor, since I’ve been wondering for years if I should visit one.  He gave me a referral for a series of chiropractor visits, plus another referral for a series of physical therapy visits in case I need them.  He also gave me a prescription for a medication that I’ll pick up from the pharmacy as soon as I untangle a snag with my prescription coverage (the card I thought was going to work didn’t work, and my other card had apparently expired).  And no, I’m not going on an Oxycotin-fueled bender, in case you were wondering.  It’s just an anti-inflammatory that should help take my pain down a couple of notches.

Anyway, I’m going to be taking the next two days out of my sick leave bank, taking it easy for part of the time and going to the chiropractor for the rest of it.  Barring unforseen circumstances, Thursday will be back to work and back to normal.