Here are just a few foolish things you can find on the internet today …

Think Geek always promotes products that are so ridiculous that they don’t even exist on April Fool’s Day.  Except once in a while, an item generates so much buzz that they decide to actually create it!  BTW, K-Cup meals sound like a really cool idea … and check out the Game of Thrones perfume!

The Cute Overload website is reimagined today as … The Nuffington Post!

Go to Google Maps and check out the “Quest” option.  See the world in all its 8-bit glory!

What if you want YouTube content but you’re not connected to the internet?  Well, you could always order The YouTube Collection and have it delivered to your home!

Would you like to send email using Morse code?  Well, NOW YOU CAN!

Forget about doing a regular search or an advanced search.  How about a Really Advanced Search?

Are you fan of bad movies?  Sure, we all are!  Check out Mighty Movie Podcast’s first episode (of a proposed monthly series) dedicated to bad movie discussions.  The first discussion covers the modern-day classic Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

And here’s a list of even more April Fool’s websites from the good folks at PC World.