My plan is to hang around the apartment today doing not very much of anything.  Maybe some laundry.  Maybe some straightening up the place.  Maybe some reading to prepare for a booktalking presentation I’ll be doing in May.  Definitely catching up with my backlog of podcasts.

I would have slept in very late, but before 9:00 the cat decided that he’d waited long enough for the dry food I usually give him at 7:00.  So he jumped on the bed, climbed on my chest, and started purring and drooling.  Courtesy of my ever-handy iPod Touch, I can show you that it looked something like this:

Anyway, I finally staggered out of bed, fed the cat, made myself some coffee and had a toasted bagel with some lovely salted butter that my boyfriend got at the farmer’s market.  The doorbell rang while I was getting my breakfast together, but I didn’t answer it because I didn’t have the energy to get dressed and drag a brush through my hair.  I heard a few conversations through the door that were going on in the hallway, and they seemed fairly low-key.  So I’m going to assume that they were “Please sign this petition” conversations, and not “OMG the building is on fire!” conversations.

I’ll spend the rest of the day working at my own pace, which will be a welcome respite from the rest of the week.