I reread The Hunger Games over the last few days, and I’ll admit that I forgot what a good story it was.  I’ll also admit that I cried several times during some of the more poignant moments.  You may all commence pointing and laughing now.

I actually spruced up today in order to be presentable for a class visit.  Guess what cancelled at the last minute?  Go on, guess!!!


I wore a long red dress, which D. said made me look like Christmas.  Our security guard also complimented my look, and this confirmed my theory that if you look like a slouch 90% of the time, people notice the other 10% of the time that you’ve made a remarkable improvement.  Do you want to hear an actual compliment I received from a patron once when I was dressed up and wearing my hair down?  You look so pretty today!  I didn’t even recognize you!

This, Dear Readers, is my life in the library.  I hide my light under a damned bushel.

Anyway, the real moral of the story is that I could have dressed like a slouch as usual.  Instead I got to rearrange the furniture in our community room while wearing a dress and high heels, which is about as much fun as you’d think.

The article on Mr. H. appeared in our local paper two days ago.  They were supposed to speak to several library staff members, but it looks like they only talked to me.  Anyway, I’m glad that the reporter used as much of our conversation as he did.  If you google Mr. H.’s name with the word “librarian,” you’ll find the article.

We caught up with a bunch of episodes of Justified tonight.  Lots of violence, lots of mayhem, and Woo-Hoo!  Nudity warning!  Oh, dear … hmmm … that wasn’t quite the nudity that I was expecting …

In between trying to beat all the levels every time Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons go through updates, I’ve been playing a lot of Temple Run on my iPod Touch.  It’s especially challenging playing it on the bus, where every time the bus turns my character veers off to the side.  BTW, it’s available for iPod/iPhone/iPad now, and it will be released for Android at the end of this month!!!  [Are you taking the hint, Mr. Atoz?]

In less cheerful news, my moods have been bad over the last few days.  Either I’m getting grouchier in my old age or it’s connected to the confluence of salt, sugar, and hormones coursing through my body.  All I can say is, it’s a good thing that a) I’m a non-confrontational person and b) I always try to think before I speak.  So I think that I’ve been okay on the outside, but on the inside it’s been pretty bleak.  When people said things that made me angry, I felt a lot angrier than usual.  I need to find a way to vent my energy and put it to some constructive use, rather than just bandaging my emotions with corn chips and ice cream.

Mmmmmmmm … corn chips and ice cream …

Speaking of things that made me angry (Ooh!  Smooth segue!) , one of our laptops was stolen yesterday.  That means that yesterday I had to stay late and spend time filling out an incident report and that today I had to call our local precinct and have a conversation with the nice police officers who came by to take my statement.  If I find the person who did this, I’m going to hang him off of our roof by his ankles.

Tomorrow morning we’re going to see The Hunger Games, and Sunday afternoon we’re going to be discussing it on one of my favorite podcasts.  And no, I’m not just saying that because they have me on periodically as a guest 🙂

Some time this weekend I’ll stop by and see my mother, which is where that whole “thinking before I speak” thing definitely comes in handy.

Deeper thoughts coming later this weekend … I think …