This is going to be a very strange weekend.

I originally took Friday as a vacation day and scheduled Saturday as my free day in order to do stuff for my boyfriend’s birthday.  Now the next three days look like this:

Friday morning I’m going to see John Carter, which could be good or it could be a disaster. I’m definitely hoping for good.  Then after that … if I can get up the courage … I’m going to see a movie that is reported to be so awful that I dare not speak its name.  Friday evening we’re going to Lisa’s wake.  Saturday morning will be Lisa’s funeral.  Then Saturday afternoon I’m taking my boyfriend out for his birthday to see Yellow Submarine, which I already know is an excellent film even though the Blue Meanies make me nervous.  In any case, I’m ready to be entertained!  Sunday morning I’m going to visit my mother (a visit which is always fraught with emotional peril), and then Sunday afternoon I’m going to be recording a podcast in which we’ll be discussing John Carter as well as some other new releases (including, perhaps, that really awful one).