If you’re interested in getting recommendations for some of the worst movies of the year, check the Razzies website for their live update that is going to be going up very soon (6pm PST).  I haven’t seen too many awful movies this year, although I DID rent Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star just to see if it was as bad as I’d heard.

So … let me put it this way.

If I asked you, “When do you think it would be appropriate to use a scene of a man putting peanut butter on his genitals so that a herd of goats will lick it off?” and your answer was, “Within the first two minues of my movie,” well, then your mind is in synch with the people who created Bucky Larson.

And I am very very sorry for you.

Other than that, I think that most of the movies I saw this year were pretty good … although I could see nominating Chris Cooper’s singalong musical number in The Muppets for a Razzie, because I found that to be a traumatic scene in an otherwise enjoyable movie.

ETA: Okay, the press release is now up on the Razzies website, and once you’re there follow the links on the right to see the complete list of nominations.  I discovered that I did see another one of the nominated films — I’d rented Season of the Witch with Nicolas Cage to see if that was as bad as I’d heard.  And don’t get me wrong; it’s not great but it’s not awful.  To clarify, Bucky Larson makes Season of the Witch look like Citizen Kane by comparison.  Now if I was the bad movie afficionado I claim to be, I would make a point of seeing Jack and Jill.  But even THINKING about Adam Sandler gives me hives, so I don’t think I could survive watching a film starring Adam Sandler AND Adam Sandler!