Oh my God. I need to lie down.

Oh wait, I am lying down.

Okay, so I will give you a full update when I get back home, Dear Readers. But for now, let me tell you about the most indulgent part of this hotel room that we could never normally afford.

It’s the bathtub.

When we were first shown this room, the lady showing us around said that it was her favorite part of the room, and I could see why. It has not one but TWO remote controls. One to control the blinds, and one to control the TV. You know, the TV built into the wall? Let’s see … what else? There were bath salts, a candle and matches, Bvlgari brand (!!!) shampoo/shower gel/etc., and a loofah sponge. There were towels hung on a towel heater, which worked out well because there was a floor heater, too.

At one point my boyfriend came into the bathroom to see how I was enjoying the amenities. He laughed to see me with my hair up in a shower cap, drinking a complimentary soda, and watching American Idol by candlelight. I explained that I’d tried using the bathtub water jets for a few minutes, but that whenever I turned on the water jets, it got so loud that I couldn’t hear the TV anymore.

I think this counts as a rich person’s problem, and one that I am unlikely to ever experience again.

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll have more stories and pictures this weekend, when I’m back home and grounded in reality again.