Over the last several days, I caught up with several podcasts, started reading the surreal and hilarious graphic novel Axe Cop, and finally watched The Social Network.

In addition to that, my boyfriend and I did a whole bunch of stuff …

We watched Logan’s Run.  Okay, I actually LIKE this movie.  Granted, I hadn’t seen it since I watched it with my mother on TV when I was a kid so I was partially enjoying it through the filter of my memory, but … wait … why am I apologizing?  I LIKE this movie, dammit!  Okay, so the special effects are sometimes doofy, and once in a while the acting gets a little over the top.  On a related note, the last time I watched a Michael York movie it was that toe-tapping musical Lost Horizon, and his freakout scenes in both of those movies were truly something to behold.  I definitely plan to see the 2014 remake, if only to see how the special effects improved.

We saw William Shatner in Shatner’s World.  It was better than some Broadway shows, but not quite as wonderful as I’d hoped.  I’d already heard a bunch of the stories he tells on stage, either in his books or in interviews.  The part of the show that I thought was so-so was the mix of stories, or specifically the way that his happy stories and his sad stories didn’t weave smoothly together.  However, I do recommend seeing this show because Shatner has a great sense of humor and because … well, where are you going to get an opportunity like this again?

We took a bus tour with Scott’s Pizza Tours, in which we visited several pizzerias in Manhattan and the Bronx.  We started at Lombardi’s, went uptown to Patsy’s, then went to the Bronx to visit Zero Otto Nove and Louie & Ernie’s.  All of them were good but we were most fond of the pizza at Zero Otto Nove, which ironically is the only one we’d visited before.  I highly recommend the tour, as the tour guides are very knowledgable (and if you’re lucky enough to get Scott himself, very cheerful and high-energy), and because it’s a great opportunity to sample slices from many famous pizzerias that only sell entire pies.  Unfortunately, when you sign up for a tour you have no idea which places you’re going to visit (one of these days I just HAVE to try Totonno’s pizza!), so you’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the ride wherever it takes you.  Click here to see the list of pizzerias that you might see on your next tour.

We shopped at The Disney Store, Pearl River Mart, Economy Candy, and the Essex Street Market.

We took lots of pictures.

We are now at home recuperating with the cat.  Tomorrow will be pretty slow — catching up with laundry and cleaning the apartment.  Then over the next several days my boyfriend will be going in to work for several hours each day while I do stuff around the house.  Then on Thursday it’s going to get exciting again 🙂