Which is kind of awkward, since I actually have three days of work left.  Oh, well.  I’ll just muddle on, then.


I’m tired, tired, and tired.  And not the good kind of tired, like later on in the spring when I’ll be going out and doing class visits at different schools and the booktalking part of my brain will be reactivated.  I mean, lately I’ve been more the “I’ve been trapped in the vortex of the public service desk for another hour and so I’m falling even further behind in everything ELSE I need to get done” tired.

Annoying and evil patrons make me sad and drain my spirit.  The woman who kept yelling at her kid while I was checking out her materials yesterday was making my blood pressure skyrocket.  I mean, the little girl was quiet and well-behaved, but when she reached out to look at one of the videos that that I had pushed across the desk towards them the woman got REALLY upset.  It also didn’t help that she kept saying, “Don’t think that I won’t hit you in public!”  while they were standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  It took all of my mental energy not to do any of the things my body wanted to do in “fight or flight” mode.  You know, like start yelling at the woman, strangling her, or bursting into tears.


Enjoying some of our Valentine’s Day presents together — we will be polishing off a nice haul of sweets, enjoying some Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, going out to see Shatner’s World, and sampling delicious pizzas as part of Scott’s Pizza Tours.

Hopefully taking a day trip to Washington DC to use a Groupon that my boyfriend bought a while back and we never had the time to use.



Taking pictures on our travels.


In any case, we’ll be decompressing and getting away from work, which is definitely a plus!