A book-banning project is underway in Tucson.  So … there’s no way this can end well, is there?  Thanks to Judy for the link!

Take a trip down memory lane and check out The Pulp Magazines Project!  There’s a lot to explore on this site, but here’s one way you can start: click on “magazines,” then scroll down to see which magazines they have available.  When you see a title that’s interesting, click on the picture of that magazine cover.  For any issues of that magazine they have available, you have the option of looking at the magazine in PDF or FlipBook format.  I found the FlipBook format to be most entertaining.  YOU CAN HEAR THE PAGES TURN!  Using this fancy technology is especially cool when you’re reading something futuristic like a 1926 issue of Amazing Stories!

And now, let me conclude with a fantasy author’s hilarious homage to the ways that sexy women are posed on the covers of fantasy novels.  Learn more and have a laugh at Striking a Pose.