I decided that today’s activity was going to be fixing up the young adult fiction section, which was in such chaotic shape that it looked like it had been hit by a train.  We started the meeting in the program room with a discussion of which films the kids thought we should show for our future teen movie night program (which will take the place of the anime night program we used to have).  Then we went out to the young adult section to give my shelves some TLC.

Picture my kids.  My GOOD kids.  The ones who still show up to my teen advisory group program week after week because they like the brainstorming, the book reviewing, and the comraderie.  The ones who manage to rise above the peer pressure of what the vast majority of the “cooler” kids are doing in the library (goofing off, eating and drinking, making out, playing computer games, making noise).

Now take those good kids and picture them working on the shelves in the young adult fiction section … and picture that those shelves are about three feet away from where all of those “cooler” kids hang out.


Unfortunately, even my best kids can’t stand up to that kind of pressure.

Let me put it this way.  I told my TAG members to start reading the shelves at the beginning and the end of the YA fiction section and work their way towards the middle.  By the time I left, the first and last bookcases were neat and orderly, but the middle of the section still looked like a train hit it.