While I’ve spent much of the week doing the usual decompressing activities — reading, listening to podcasts, watching TV, staring vacantly off into space, sleeping, etc. — I also managed to do a couple of productive things.

On Saturday we took the cat in for a checkup, where we were told that “for an FIV-positive cat,” he was in very good health.  Given that he’s almost ten years old, at this point any news is good news.  Yay, Kitty!

On Sunday we attended a Geek Patrol gathering, which involved lots of food, entertainment, murderers wearing ascots, and fun.  Oh, and lots of leftovers, too 🙂

On Tuesday there was a Community Board / Board of Ed meeting at my branch, and I told my branch manager that I would attend barring any unforseen circumstances.  When a blizzard failed to materialize, I headed in.  The meeting was pretty productive, although they ran out of handouts and we library staff members had to give up our copies for the Board of Ed people.  Pffffft.  It was nice getting to see some of my school contacts on my turf (and in our new building that I can actually be proud of).  One of the APs from a local middle school is usually very effusive in his compliments — he has called me “the booktalking queen” on more than one occasion — and he was just as nice this time around.  This time he proclaimed, “You Rock!” in earshot of just about everyone, including my bemused network manager.

When I was looking through the Fresh Direct organic meat section for something I could make during the week, I saw that they had standing rib roasts available.  Since I had just seen a piece on the Today Show on prime rib and had saved the recipe, I decided that this was a sign for me to buy one.  Unfortunately, due to some confusion over the # of bones / # of pounds ratio, I ended up buying a 4-bone roast (which was what the recipe called for) that was several pounds heavier than the imaginary roast in the recipe.  I mean, we are two people and one cat.  How were we possibly going to eat all of THIS???

I mean, isn’t that about the size of the piece of meat that tipped over Fred Flinstone’s car?  That’s over NINE POUNDS OF MEAT, Dear Readers!  But anyway, I used my biggest roasting pan and I combined the details of the original recipe with an overview of prime rib cooking times.  We had a delightful dinner tonight (prime rib, potatoes, green beans, and an EXCELLENT pinot noir), and we’ll have leftovers to last us quite a while.

So that’s pretty much it for the productivity department so far.  I’ll spend some time over the next few days catching up with laundry, working on a new blog post for my library’s website, and maybe doing some shopping downtown.  Right now it’s time to unwind, which means that the three of us are resting, digesting our prime rib, and watching Storage Wars together.  For tonight, at least, this is our version of happiness.