My boyfriend just emailed me this link to an article about Timothy Olyphant in The New York Times.  While they didn’t use any pictures that accurately demonstrated his hotness and adorability, the article did paint a number of word pictures that did him justice.  One of my favorite quotes:

An actor of rangy grace and wolfish good looks — his easy grin seems designed to induce swoons and suspicion in equal measure —

Ah, yes.  I’m all there in the swooning category.  *SIGH*

Anyway, get ready for January 17th, when you can get a double dose of Raylan Givens.  That’s the day when season 3 of the Justified TV series starring the wolfishly handsome Timothy Olyphant will debut on FX.  It’s also the day that Elmore Leonard’s new novel, Raylan, will be appearing on bookstore, library, and virtual shelves.