One of our creepy regulars dialed the creepiness meter up a level today.  He began by sidling up to me while I was putting books on a shelving truck.  He smiled, raised his eyebrows knowingly, and in a very dramatic and conspiratorial voice said, “Once again, the computers have brought us together.”

And then it went downhill from there.

I asked him which computer he was using.  He told me, and I told him that I would be over there in just a minute.  Except he wouldn’t go away.  He stood there watching me putting the books away for a few seconds, and then suddenly leaned in to start helping move books on the truck to make room for me.  That was an awkward moment, but at least it was brief.

I walked over to the computer with him and saw that it needed to be restarted.  Unfortunately, this led to me becoming a captive audience because I had to stand there while I was waiting for the process to finish.  And that’s when he started talking to me about the movies.  You know … what movies he liked, what movies I liked, how often I went to the movies, did I want to see War Horse, how did I feel about Steven Spielberg, was I familiar with the films of Peter Jackson …

He spoke very quickly, probably anticipating that he only had my attention for a limited amount of time, which was entirely correct.  I tried to answer each of his questions as succinctly as possible so as not to encourage conversation or divulge any personal information, but he wasn’t taking the hint.  I mean, Lord knows I have lots of opinions about the movies and have shared those opinions through blog posts, podcasts, and more.  But the essential point is that I DON’T KNOW THIS GUY.  WE ARE NOT FRIENDS.    It’s none of his business which of Peter Jackson’s films I like or don’t like, or that I’m not going to see War Horse because based on the trailer and the reviews it looks like the kind of film that would make me cry my eyes out and leave me collapsed in a quivering puddle on the floor of the theater.

I will tell YOU that, Dear Readers.  But no way in hell was I going to tell him.

Anyway, the conversation was making me feel more and more awkward, so as soon as I was able to get him set up on another computer (the first one was still acting wonky), I made a run for it before he tried to make a movie date.