Hang on … can I have a mid-week update on a Tuesday?  Well, since I’m going to be insanely busy today and then I’ll be free on Wednesday and Thursday, let’s just say yes, I can.

I’m getting ready to go in to work at 8am to get ready for a class visit at 9am.  I’ll be seeing two 9th grade classes from one of our local charter schools — we had 50 people last Friday morning and we’ll be having 50 people this morning.  And that means setting up a LOT of chairs.  These are the largest groups I’ve ever had visit my library, and it’s tricky finding books that I can successfully booktalk to that many kids at once.  Like, my “show-and-tell” nonfiction books need to be large enough that the kids at the back of the room can see them when I hold them up.  And I had to pick out all new books from last week, since all the copies of those books were checked out.  AND, thanks to the ever-changing nature of my collection (THANK YOU, floating collections policy!) a lot of books that I used to depend on to booktalk, which in fact were ordered in multiples especially for our branch just for that purpose, have been lost to the four winds. So now every time I want multiple copies of something to booktalk, I have to scramble to try to get copies from other branches.

After the class visit is over, I’ll be on the desk for most of the day.  Then I’ll be supervising a SAT prep program in the afternoon.  Then I’ll be coming home and recording a podcast episode.  Busy busy busy.

Then I’ll spend my floating holiday and my free day doing some midtown and downtown shopping.  Holiday markets, here I come!!!