I never take time off work around Thanksgiving since the only family members I visit live close by, which means that this year (like most years) I ended up working the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Sometimes it gets busy with people stocking up on DVDs as though the apocalypse was coming and they knew that they wouldn’t be able to leave their houses for the forseeable future.  But mostly it’s pretty quiet, probably because people are either too busy shopping or don’t even realize that we’re open.  That quiet time came in handy when I discovered that the shelving my teen advisory group members did last week was done using the “put the books anywhere in the general area” method rather than the “strict alphabetical order” method.  I think it might take me several days to undo the damage they did in 30 minutes.

I didn’t have any programs this week, what with the holiday and all.  Next week we’ll return with anime night, gaming, and teen advisory group.  And no, we will not be shelving this time around.

After work I went to a dinner party with the Geek Patrol, and I got to show off the new shirt I got from the Fringe Podcast store:

Now, technically I could have worn this shirt to work today. The rule is no clothing with words printed on it, and there aren’t any words.  However, given my usual reputation for being a psycho magnet, with my luck some weirdo would recognize the image and then follow me around telling me that we were destined to be together in a parallel universe.  So I brought the shirt to work with me, and changed into it before I left.  Anyway, we had a lovely dinner and watched several episodes of Afro Samurai and Father Ted.  We have a wide range of interests, indeed 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll be a guest on a podcast where we’ll be discussing Hugo and The Muppets, among other things.  I’m stretching my mental muscles as we speak!  Tune in and listen next week for all the insights, hilarity, and more.