After my boyfriend went to go purchase a pumpkin pie (one of the top-rated in NYC, so they say) (and here are some more suggestions for all you pumpkin pie fans in the house), we started our voyage together.  First we went to my mother’s place, where I dropped off books, DVDs, and food, and picked up books and empty Tupperware.  I did several chores for her, including filling out labels on VHS tapes with the titles of movies that she’d recorded.  After I put the tapes back by the globe where she’d left them out for me, I glanced down at the globe and reacted with a start.  I mean, I know that she’s had this globe since my brother and I were kids.  However, knowing a fact in the abstract is one thing, but it’s something else to see such a huge portion of that globe taken up by a country that doesn’t exist anymore:

When I was young, I remember my mother showing me letters she’d received from her Latvian relatives that had words and lines blacked out with magic marker.  On the one hand, it feels like that took place a lifetime ago.  On the other hand, it was within MY lifetime, so it’s fairly recent history.  On a related note, I remember being in high school and being asked by a student who knew that I was partially of Russian descent whether or not I was a communist.  I told her that I wasn’t, but I didn’t elaborate on the Russian part of my ancestry.  There’s the fact that several of my grandmother’s relatives were “white Russians” who served in (and died in) the Czar’s army.  And then there’s the theory that my family is descended from Ivan the Terrible through one of his mistresses.  So … communist?  No.  Descended from a murderous mental patient?  Possibly.

After we left my mother’s place, we went to the storage unit to do some semi-annual swapping of summer and winter clothes.  This trip involved lots of wrestling with boxes and bags, and re-learning how to activate our entrance card in order to get to our unit.  On the plus side, I now have a plethora of hats, scarves, gloves, and warm velvet dresses to choose from.

Then it was time for brunch.  We had coffee and mimosas, and my boyfriend had a lamb burger while I had sauteed mushrooms on toast with poached eggs and mustard-thyme sauce.  Delightful!

Then it was off to the pet store to replenish our cat food supply and our catnip supply.  Then we got home, where the cat instantly zoned in on the bag from the pet store and managed to wrestle the catnip out of the bag.

Now we’re all unwinding in our respective ways — my boyfriend is watching the Cowboys-Redskins game and reading stuff on his iPad, I’m listening to podcasts, and the cat is sleeping off his catnip high.