Oh, Lord.  I need a nap and a drink.

Our shelving situation has been pretty chaotic lately — we’re down to one page again, and she was off today — so I decided to have the kids in my Teen Advisory Group do some shelving and some shelf reading in our young adult section.  I only see these kids for one hour per week, and since they spent the first fifteen minutes attacking the refreshments and the last fifteen minutes packing up because the library was closing, we only got a half-hour’s worth of actual work done.  But it’s really nice to have almost a dozen kids shelving at the same time because they have the potential to get so much work done.  Of course, some kids lived up to that potential (the fiction and nonfiction groups) and some were barely able to make any headway against the chaos of the shelves (the graphic novel / manga group).

Anyway, after half an hour of answering shelving questions, ferrying books back and forth, getting the kids to focus on the task at hand, reminding them to keep their voices down, asking them to please stop running / fighting / horsing around, I felt like my voice was going to give out again.  And I needed that nap and that drink.

First thing tomorrow I need to finish dealing with the chaos of the graphic novel / manga shelves.  And THEN I have to double-check the work that the kids did today to make sure they actually shelved the books in the right places and didn’t just stick them anywhere so they could finish up early and go get more hot chocolate.

Hmmm … This could go well, or it could be an unmitigated disaster.