This was a long day, made even longer by the fact that the deluge of kids started several hours early because local schools were having parent-teacher conferences.  Which is why we had kids running around inside and outside the building during the lunch hours that are SUPPOSED to be comparatively quiet.  Which is why one of those running kids who didn’t look where she was going went WHAM!!! headfirst straight into one of our doors.  Which is why I had to sacrifice the plastic ziploc bag that my boyfriend packed my black-and-white cookies in today, and use that bag to make a makeshift ice pack for the kid to hold on her forehead.

Like I said, a long day.

In other news, my voice is almost back to normal but not quite up to full strength yet.  I didn’t notice how weak it was until I’d been talking for a while and I started to squeak, and then at the end of the day when I started making the closing announcements and my booming voice wasn’t quite as booming as usual.

Also, in entertaining spam subject line news, HIGH-END ROLEX REPLICAS MAKE PERFECT X-MAS GIFTS 

Or there’s always my new personal favorite, Levitra – now your life will be magnificent!

Okay, I’m winding down now.  It’s time for some coffee, some hazelnut chocolate bear hug rice pudding, and some sleep.  I need to gather my strength, because it will probably be another long day tomorrow.