Today was a momentous day.  I accomplished several tasks for the first time in almost a week — I changed out of my nightgown and got dressed, I left my apartment, I did several loads of laundry, and I answered the phone when my mother called.  Would anyone like to hazard a guess about which of these activities proved to be most challenging?  ARGH!!!  Just for laughs, here are a few highlights of our talk:

Oh, you sound AWFUL!

I’m okay.  I sound worse than I feel.

I’m calling to tell you not to come this week.

Actually, I was going to call you tomorrow.  I was planning on coming by during the day.

But you’re sick!  You don’t have to come!

I’m FINE.  It’s just the laryngitis that’s making me sound bad.  Look, I’m already doing the laundry, okay?  I’m up and around.  I’m just going out a little bit each day.

But you should be resting!

Look, Mom.  I don’t want to argue about this, okay?  I have stuff I need to bring you, I have to return the books that you have out …

I have plenty of stuff!  I have plenty of food, and I have plenty of books!

I’m going out on Friday ANYWAY.  I’m going out on Saturday ANYWAY.  I’ve already cancelled about 90% of the stuff I planned to do this week, okay?

Well, you just have to cancel everything!  I mean, if you were DEAD, you’d have to cancel!


Well, when I’m DEAD we’ll have another conversation.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

In more uplifting news, I just finished reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  If that title is ringing an extra bell in your brain right now, that might be because it’s the inspiration for the movie Hugo that’s being released at the end of this month.  The book is a lot of fun, an enormous tome that because of its unusual format (“a novel in words and pictures”) doesn’t take nearly as much time to read as a 500+ page book normally would.  It’s definitely one of the most cinematic books I’ve ever read, and with Scorsese directing the film I’m expecting great things from it.  Even if I DO have to see it in 3-D.