It’s been such a busy week for me (class visits, programs, and more class visits) that I didn’t get a chance to finish sorting through the pictures I took last Sunday until today.  On the plus side, I finally whittled the pictures I took that day down to a manageable 200.  On the other hand, I now need to figure out which of those 200 I’m going to put on Flickr, and which of THOSE I’m going to submit to the OHNY photography contest.  Yikes!  So that will keep me busy over the next several days.

Anyway, since I only had one day to visit sites and I didn’t have access to a car, I had to figure out which places I could get to by public transportation.  I ended up going to one enormous site in the Bronx and one itty-bitty site in Manhattan.

My first stop was the New York Botanical Garden, where I spent several hours wandering around taking pictures and I only saw a fraction of the place.  My boyfriend made two suggestions — that I see the exhibit about the fall flowers of Japan, and that I visit the haunted pumpkin garden.  I only got to see the examples of the Japanese flowers that were near the entrance (I missed the main exhibit completely), but I did get to see lots of pumpkins (haunted and otherwise), trees, flowers, scenic paths, the Bronx River, and a very photogenic squirrel.  Here are a few highlights:

And then the next part of my plan was to rush down to The Little Red Lighthouse and take some lovely pictures at sunset.  AND … I just missed it.  Here’s the picture I took of my first view of the George Washington Bridge (and I STILL have to find my way under the bridge to get to the lighthouse!)

So what I did manage to do was take some kind of dramatic and rather blurry pictures with hardly any light at all.  I could have used a tripod, but then again I was nervous enough walking along the winding paths to get to the lighthouse … with my big expensive camera … in the dark …  Luckily, though, there were lots of joggers and bikers going along those paths, so even if I had been attacked my body probably would have been discovered quickly.  You see how I manage to put a positive spin on things?  Anyway, all of the pictures I took were blurry to some extent, but here are a few so that you can get the idea of how mysterious and pretty it was: