Already been and gone to my mother’s place this morning.  Now I’m killing time while I wait for my iPod update to finish — eating breakfast while watching Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes on the Cartoon Network.  And yes, this show is wrong on just about every level.  I’m wondering how they got people like Michael York and Malcolm McDowell to be in this travesty.  Okay, I appreciate the Tex Avery “Red and the Wolf” references.  And the appearance of Droopy is usually a plus.  But I’m always annoyed by any cartoon in which Tom and Jerry have to cooperate and get along.   And Jerry the mouse in his own little deerstalker?  Urgh.

Anyway, as soon as my iPod is finished updating and synching I’m going out to the New York Botanical Garden to take some pictures to submit to the Open House New York photography contest.  If I have time and energy left over after that, I’d also like to visit the Little Red Lighthouse.  Let’s see how the day goes.

ETA: Visited both the Botanical Gardens and the lighthouse.  Did more walking in one afternoon than I normally do in several days.  Now I need to lie down and not move for a while.  Pictures coming soon, by which I mean after I finish recuperating.