I just got home, and boy is my brain tired.

So I got to NYCC around 2pm so that I could attend a panel from 2:30 – 3:30 about video games and graphic novels in libraries.  There was another panel that I wanted to attend that was starting at 3:45, but I couldn’t stay for that one because I was meeting a friend just after 4:00 … and 4:00 was when the floodgates were opening.  By which I mean the show floor was going to open and the hordes were going to rush in to check out all the booths and load up on free samples of STUFF.  There were professionals, and press, and VIPS, and people with 4-day passes.

We were many.

We were legion.

I was a drop of water in a sea of geeks.

I stayed until almost 7pm, and I didn’t even see everything.  Which is too bad because I only had a 1-day pass : (

But on the plus side, I did get a bag full of STUFF (comic books, bookmarks, posters, bags, etc.) that I will be bringing to my TAG meeting tomorrow.  I hung out, I talked, and I even schmoozed a little.  Then I went to the Shake Shack for dinner, came home, and shared my Shackburgers with the cat.

I also took a lot of pictures, but they’re still on my iPod Touch which is recharging its poor little battery right now.  So as soon as I can sort through those pictures I’ll put some up here, and maybe a few other places, as well.  I’ll add pictures to this post as soon as I can get that together, by tomorrow evening at the latest.

ETA (10/14/11): Okay, here you go: