Thank goodness for this three-day weekend!  I’ve been spending the day so far gathering my strength and working through the congestion in my head.  Right now I’m watching The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, which is one of my favorite Ray Harryhausen movies EVER!

I mean, come on!  Tom Baker as the evil Prince Koura?  The sword fight against the six-armed statue?  John Phillip Law looking decidedly sexy?  The ship’s masthead coming to life?  Caroline Munro and those amazing outfits?  And it’s filmed in DYNARAMA?  Just how cool can one movie be???

But here is the larger question:  how can we develop a drinking game around this movie?  Okay, my drinks will have to be tea and tea-based drinks for now (hello, hot toddies!)  But anyway, let’s get some brainstorming done here.  One of the stranger things I originally noticed about this film was just how often Tom Baker said the name “Achmed.”  I mean, he was all, like, “Come, Achmed.  We have no time to lose.”  “We shall not lack for protection, Achmed.” “Hand me that homunculus, Achmed.”  “Go get me a hot toddy, Achmed.”  Or maybe that’s just the way I remember things.

So if we took a drink every time Tom Baker said “Achmed,” that would be a start.  I need to think of some more criteria, though.  We could take a drink every time we got a really good look at Caroline Munro’s chest or John Philip Law’s chest, but then everyone would keel over from alcohol poisoning before the movie was over.  So maybe that’s not the best plan.  Does anyone have any more ideas?