Guess what’s FINALLY coming out on DVD!  Go on, guess!

That’s right, the 1973 version of Lost Horizon!

Starring John Gielgud as a gentleman of the Asian persuasion, Peter Finch as a guy who can sing (except he really can’t), Sally Kellerman and her swivelling hips, Bobby Van as comic relief, and some weirdly memorable Burt Bacharach songs and bizarre dance numbers.  This film, much like The Star Wars Holiday Special, was famously awful and notoriously hard to get.  In both cases I had to go through unofficial channels to see them, and in both cases many brain cells died for a good cause.

I think that Lost Horizon is hilariously doofy, or at least it is after the first 40 minutes when the musical numbers start kicking in.  My boyfriend said that it was “not that bad,” but I’ll just take a moment to mention that he said the same thing about Ishtar.  So consider the source, is all I’m saying.

Lost Horizon is coming out on DVD in October.  You can preorder it now through the Warner Archive collection, on, or from your favorite retailer.