This week has been mad busy, as the kids say, and I really needed today off to decompress.

Some of the business was sheer clerical busywork.  I spend so much of my time checking materials in and out that I’m surprised I haven’t had to take a pay cut because I spend the majority of my time doing the job of the clerks who get paid far less than I do.

I know, I know.  I shouldn’t give the higher-ups any ideas.

But then every once in a while I’ll have to spend big chunks of time doing “librarian” stuff, like doing readers advisory work / reviewing books / writing booktalks / running my Teen Advisory Group that I feel like I’m actually earning my salary.

Then again, some of the tasks that exhausted me the most this week were the tasks that we used to assign to the pages, like rearranging the furniture in our program room to set up for a class visit … and then again for our games program … and then again for another class visit … and then AGAIN for the TAG program …

So maybe I should be bumped down to minimum wage instead?

Ah, don’t mind me.  I’m cranky and tired and I woke up with a soul-crushing headache this morning.  And coffee, crumpets, and Excedrin Migraine haven’t repaired my mood yet.

I have to catch up with my laundry and I have to go see my mother, but I don’t have the energy to do either of those things right now.  So both of those tasks will be postponed for a while.  Actually, I started to write, “until I’m in the right mindset,” but if I waited for the right mindset then I’d never get ANYTHING done.  I’ll just say that I’ll wait until my head feels better, at least.  Maybe I need to hydrate more.  Hmmmmm.

Highlights of the week:

I survived my first class visits of the year, which were even more challenging than usual — 11th grade ESL classes with a wide range of reading levels and English comprehension levels.  My next round of visits with 7th grade classes at my local middle schools will be easy by comparison.

An unusual compliment from one of my TAG members: “Wow, Miss.  You’re being really patient with us.  If you were our teacher, you would’ve been yelling at us by now!”

Season premiere of Fringe!  Woo-Hoo!  What happened to Peter Bishop?  And hooray for the return of Mr. Adorable, aka Agent Lincoln Lee!  Yowza-Yowza!

Cinematic Titanic appearing LIVE in New York City!  Okay, this hasn’t actually happened yet (we’re going to see it tonight), but I’m going to make an educated guess and say that it definitely WILL be a highlight of the week.

ETA: We just got home a little while ago.  The combination of our delicious dinner at Five Guys Burgers and Fries (bacon cheeseburger and cajun fries) and the hilarious performance of Cinematic Titanic (riffing on East Meets Watts) improved my morale and my mood a hundredfold.  Yay!!!