I have several classes coming in from a local high school today, tomorrow, and Friday.  Which, according to the weather report I just saw on TV, will be filled with Spotty Showers, Muggy Showers, and Autumn Showers.  Bleah.

Most of the time I visit the schools instead of them visiting me, presumably because of the hassle of getting permission slips together or some such thing.  But now that we’re in our lovely new building, I’ve been getting a lot of interest from schools who want to bring their students to our library.  On the one hand this is great — less travel for me, and hopefully a boost for my circulation statistics.  But it also means that I have to do a lot more prep work in terms of booktalking.  If I’m visiting a school, it doesn’t matter how many classes I’m visiting over how many days, I have a set number of books in my rolling suitcase and I can just keep booktalking those same books over and over again because I’m holding onto them for the duration of the visits.  But when a class is visiting me in my library, I’m assuming that the books might be checked out at the end of the period, which means I have to have more books ready for the next class.  Which means I currently have three stacks of books in my office, and I’m in the process of trying to cram all of those booktalks into my head.

The first booktalks of the year always fill me with the most agita.

Oh, and these are going to be afternoon visits instead of the morning visits that I prefer, which means that I won’t be able to follow my usual “no eating before booktalking” policy because otherwise I might keel over from hunger in the middle of my presentation.  So right now I’m having a granola bar and a cup of coffee.  Let’s see how long they stay in my system.

Okay, back to memorizing …