I should have run for the bus as it was leaving the bus stop.

I didn’t, though, and with the last of the air conditioning from my library clinging to my skin, I walked leisurely to the bus stop.  Where I waited HALF AN HOUR for the next bus in the abysmal heat. I drank all the liquids in my possession while I waited (a bottle and a half of Vitamin Water), got home, and immediately was so sick to my stomach that I think I lost all the extra liquids I’d taken into my system.

And I was waiting in the SHADE, people!

Anyway, I’m now trying to cool off.  I took a shower, I’m sitting in my air-conditioned living room, and I’m waiting for my stomach to stop making those little flippy motions before I risk eating dinner.

Anyway, other than 30 minutes’ worth of heat exhaustion, the day went fairly well.  I managed to set up the Kinect game all by myself, we had a fun program with a good turnout, and the tensions at work seem to have downgraded to a detente stage.  So that’s some progress, at least.