One of my best readers complained to me the other day that she was having trouble on the summer reading website registering her branch preference.  [Side note: there is such a huge push towards using the website that this year we didn’t even get paper logs for the teens to record the list of books they read over the summer!]

So I went into the administrative end of the website to see if I could figure out what was what.  It’s strange enough trying to find my teens by the wacky nicknames that the website generates, like FlyingPurpleDinosaur or ElatedPinkHippo, but then once I started exploring I was even more confused.  I found my reader’s record and was able to give her some badges (including the one that says that my branch is her favorite branch), but I couldn’t confirm or deny if she’d been able to enter my branch into her record correctly when she registered for the summer reading club.  And Lord knows, if she’s going to be my top reader like she was last year, I definitely want my branch to get the credit for all the work she’s putting into logging and reviewing books.

[ETA: Ah, okay.  I did find her listed under “users at your branch,” so apparently she did click on the right button.  This doesn’t explain why it didn’t seem to go through when she clicked my branch name multiple times, or what I could have done if she’d clicked the wrong button.]

And THEN there was the puzzling reoccurence of participants whose “last access” is registered as being “41 years 28 weeks ago,” which I’m fairly sure is impossible since most of our participants weren’t even alive at that time.

It’s like each time this website is improved, I seem to understand it less.