I’m in the process of working on a Deep and Meaningful post that will be going up later today.  But in the meantime …

My plan today is to celebrate my day off by not leaving my apartment.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.

The heat index is going to be at or over 100 degrees today, and I have a working air conditioner.  The AC is lovely for us humans but ESSENTIAL for my cat, who nearly died during a previous heat wave last summer when our old air conditioner was on its last legs.  Did you want to relive the drama of that day, and the desperate measures I had to take to help him survive the heat?  Well, here you go!

Yesterday I spent the day alternating between sweating, feeling the sweat cool and dry on my body and on my clothes, sweating, drying, sweating, etc.  As soon as I walked into my apartment last night I put down the pizza box (last night’s dinner) and meatball parmesan hero (today’s lunch), ripped off my clothes and jumped into the shower because I just felt SO disgusting.

So today, like I mentioned, I’m not leaving the apartment.  I actually have to catch up on some laundry, but I DON’T CARE.  I’ll also have to throw out the kitchen garbage after Kitty and I have that hero, and I am seriously debating whether or not to even walk into the hallway to throw the bag down the garbage chute.  I’m also thinking about ordering dinner in, rather than our usual Thursday night plan of going out to dinner.  I’m not sure about that part yet; I’ll have to confer with my boyfriend to make that decision.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the creature comforts of my comparatively cool apartment.  So far, my biggest accomplishments have been morning has consisted of taking pictures of the cat and experimenting with the Magic Hour photo app,watching more daytime TV than usual (Wayne Grady is hosting Let’s Make a Deal now?), listening to the Expert Drinking podcast (so THAT’s why it’s called a dirty martini!), writing this post, and … uhm … putting the meatball parm into the toaster oven.

There are other things I COULD be doing, but since they would involve using up extra electricity (which could jeopardize my precious air conditioning) and/or leaving the apartment, I’m not going to do them.  My plan for the rest of the day is to have lunch, work on that Deep and Meaningful post, read a book, and keep cool.

ETA: My boyfriend brought me Italian food and an iced coffee when he came home from work.  What a sweetheart!