Yesterday afternoon I started feeling unsettled and under the weather. I hoped it would pass, especially since my boyfriend was picking me up to take me out for a post-birthday dinner downtown. But by the time we got to the restaurant, I was worse. I had half of one appetizer and was torn between the need to run to the bathroom or run outside to throw up. We ended up taking the rest of my food to go, and taking a very expensive cab ride home.

Most of the … uhm … problem … left me this morning. Rather violently, I might add. I’m writing this post on my iPod while lying in bed with a heating pad draped over my stomach.

I’m going to call out sick from work tomorrow (I try not to call out unless it’s a real emergency, but yes this is an emergency and God forbid I have something contagious and contaminate the rest of the staff). This will be especially lousy because due to jury duty, annual leave, etc. I’m scheduled to be one of only two librarians working tomorrow. AND I’m supposed to supervise a program in the afternoon. AND I’m supposed to be working the late shift.

Jeez, the timing couldn’t be worse.

Anyway, if you work at a branch near mine, and you happen to have a surfeit of librarians tomorrow, it would be really nice if you could call my branch and offer to pitch in, even for an hour or two. It would really help.

Okay, I’m going to go back to sleep now (you notice I didn’t say “back to bed,” since I’m still here). I’m going to send my boyfriend out to get me some crackers, bananas, and Gatorade before I lose consciousness.

Talk to you soon (or else eventually), Dear Readers.