I just came back from a lovely Mother’s Day meal at Antonio’s Trattoria in the “Little Italy” section of the Bronx with my boyfriend and his family.  Let’s see … bread with butter and olive oil, plus garlic bread with mozzarella,  plus stuffed mushrooms, plus pizza, plus penne con pollo, plus cheesecake, plus cappucino = OMG I need to recuperate.

I had several people wish me a “Happy Mother’s Day” over the last week, which always throws me.  I mean, I’m not a mother now, nor am I ever going to be — this was a conscious decision that I made based on medical and genetic circumstances that are beyond my control.  Most of the time when people with me a Happy Mother’s Day I just say “thanks” and move on.  Today I was distracted and said, “You, too!” to the guy who said it, which was a little awkward.  The worst happened several years ago when a library patron said it to me, and then followed up by asking me if I had any children.  When I said no, he replied, “Well, don’t worry — you have plenty of time!”  And I’m like … Who are you, why do you think you know me, and get the hell out of my womb!!!

Anyway, I’m home now and getting ready to lie down..  Flash Gordon is on the HBO Family Channel right now, and I’m realizing just how doofy this movie is.  I loved this movie when I was a kid, and I even had the soundtrack album (Flash!  AAAAA-AAAAAAH!!!)  But, between Flash’s floofy 80’s haircut, him spending time shirtless for no good reason, Timothy Dalton hamming it up, Max Von Sydow hamming it up, Brian Blessed hamming it up, and lines like “Bring me … the bore worms!” delivered with utter seriousness, this movie is a hoot.  I’m going to go lie down and watch the rest of the movie now.

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the audience, and Happy Sunday to everyone else!